"I support your entire audio process!"

The role of a technical sound designer describes me the best: I design music and sound, create playback systems for audio, and implement it. I do low-level code integrations, use middleware like FMOD and external software.

I’m passionate about deeply integrated audio: audio that is created by the system or controlled by the player. As my bachelor thesis I made a musical toy with generative music and live audio synthesis.

As a game design graduate, I always programmed and have a strong player-centered approach. Playtesting, quick design decisions and an iterative approach are a must.

Musical focus

I specialized in music. I made music for 7 projects, including games, a movie and a vehicle interiour. It was everything between linear and highly integrated.

I’m strong at music that is intimate, minimalistic and atmospheric, not pushing into the foreground. I make it sound being played by real musicians.

My goal of game music is: to make it fit to the visuals and gameplay, to add a unique emotional layer but not to push it into the foreground, and to make it loopable without being annoying.