LIT: Bend the Light

Minimalistic piano with soundscapes

LIT: Bend the Light is a 2D puzzle game available on Steam (2020), that I developped with 2 fellow students.

Menu Music + Sound Design

The menu music should be a nice introduction to the game, incorporate the main motif of the game and really make the menu be a comfortable place to come back to.
I also did the sound design, that had to fit to the existing materials like wood, metal and glas.

Trailer Music

The goal was to enhance the magical feeling of the visuals and to really catch the attention. It is strongly inspired by the impressionistic composer Maurice Ravel, as i catched one small pattern of one of his tracks and developed it further. For additional soundscapes I combined the reverberation sound of plate bells, cymbals and celesta.

Ingame Music + Sound Design

The ingame music had to be more cautious. Trying to grab the warm, cozy and magical atmosphere from the visuals, it also had to prevent frustration while playing. Therefore it should make the player focus and relax at the same time.
I also made the sound design.