Yeogi Jeogi

Adaptive Music & Sound Design


Highly integrated ingame music & sound design

Yeogi Jeogi is an endless rhythmic puzzler for IOS, currently in development by Felix Szczesny, Lila Pimpao, Lennart Küster & Namin Hansen.

The audio is in production. It has to match the visual characteristics of the game (machinery-like, lots of small parts, abstract, …), and most of all not to be annoying. It will be highly integrated into the game systems: There will be a system generating rhythms, and the sounds will change and evolve as the player progresses. 
The style will be a mixture of mechanical sounds, clapping rhythms (inspired by Steve Reich) and rhythmic-ethereal background music.

I’m gonna do everything from conceptualizing audio systems, audio production and implementation.

Current style analysis of the wanted audio world. The contrast between cold mechanical sounds and organic elements like flicks seems to be promising.

Note: This is not the ingame audio! This is a work in progress video, showing the wanted style by me (music is a demo track by Orchestral Tools, clapping rhythms are edited Clapping Music by Steve Reich).