Infinitely zoom into mosaics, using only your eyes!

EyeMersion is a game in which the players infinitely zoom into colorful mosaics, using only their eyes, feeling relaxed and hypnotized.

Lying in a box, isolated from light and sounds, the player looks at the top. There is a screen, automatically zooming into mosaics. By looking left, an eye tracker will translate that into into a smooth movement to the left. The goal is just to move as you want and to explore all mosaics. By going into particular mosaics, the game gets faster or falls apart.

Project Information


3,5 weeks


System Design, UX, Gameplay Programming, Music, Trailer


Unity, Visual Studio, Cubase, Premiere, After Effects


M. Holly, K. Janowska, G. Otteni, J. Hellmann


4th semeter project at HTW Berlin


Prof. Susanne Brandhorst, Prof. Thomas Bremer

Key Features

  • Discover 150 different colorful mosaics
  • Inspired by the infinite zoom effect
  • By going into white mosaics the game gets faster
  • Black mosaics will make the mosaics fall apart

Unique Selling Points

  • A game purely controlled by your eyes
  • Intuitive for a broad target group
  • relaxing and hypnotizing game feel
  • A box to lay in, built exclusively for this game

My Contribution

  • Ideation, technical concepts
  • Fake gameplay videos for proof of concept
  • Programming of the game loop (zoom, correct instantiation of everything), in strong cooperation with Karolina Janowska
  • Gameplay programming (player movement, boundaries)
  • Full game music
  • Full trailer


I’ve really learnt that even if you think you have concept that is simple and easy to realize, it may be not. Therefore my goal of going for simple solutions got even stronger. I trained myself once again in cooperating with another programmer, being persistant and doing systematic bug fixing.


We took the infinite zoom effect as our starting point and really focused on that. By making a proof of concept video and quick gameplay prototyps we found out technical problems early. Olthough the programming was pretty tricky, we managed to make a game that different people enjoyed.