Stick to the Future

In Sticket you turn a no longer needed item into a trophy by doing unforgettable and fun tasks with your flatmates, that is an event bringing people together.


Grab your flatmates, a no longer useful object like an old shoe, print out our stickers and you’re ready to start. In Sticket you meet up every few days to tell each other what you have experienced and which tasks you’re going to do next. At the same time you fill out the surface of your item with stickers, making visible what every player has done.

Project Information


3,5 weeks


Game Design, Trailer, Music


Pen and paper, After Effects, Cubase


R. Schroeer, S. Laube, M. Decker, J. Pape, J. Hellmann


4th semester project at HTW Berlin


Prof. Susanne Brandhorst, Prof. Thomas Bremer

Key Features

  • A game to play with your flatmates
  • Do exiting tasks, where you have to make a gift, share something, try out new things or do funny stuff, as a group or alone
  • Turn a no longer needed item into a trophy by putting stickers on it
  • Stick as much as you want

Unique Selling Points

  • Tasks that act like an event, that will connect people and about which you want to tell other people
  • Tasks that will save the environment
  • Easy to play: downloadable and printable by yourself

My Contribution

  • Ideation
  • Prototyping, playtesting, evaluation
  • Game Design
  • Video: concept, camera, cutting, music


As this was my first team with five people, I’ve learnt how to handle team discussions more efficiently. I trained myself in rapid prototyping, as every prototype had to be analog and could be created way faster. I To make the game simple was also a challenge.


The focus of our initial idea were interesting tasks that you can do with other people. It took most of the time to iterate on the game system by building several analog prototypes. The knowledge we gained from that and from feedback went into our final version.