Game Music

All my game music

Coming from Game Design

As a Game Design student I always have the players and the game experience in mind: Every design decision has to serve the game feel. My goal of Game Music is therefore: To support the game and to add an additional emotional layer, without being the main focus.

During my studies I have made 3 game soundtracks, including different instruments and styles. The challenge always was to make it fit to the visuals and gameplay, to make it unique but not to push it into the foreground, and to make it loopable without being annoying.

Feel free to listen around!

LIT: Bend the Light

Minimalistic piano with soundscapes

Trailer Music

The goal was to enhance the magical feeling of the visuals and to really catch the attention. It is strongly inspired by the impressionistic composer Maurice Ravel, as i catched one small pattern of one of his tracks and developed it further. For additional soundscapes I combined the reverberation sound of plate bells, cymbals and celesta.

Ingame Soundtrack

The ingame music had to be more cautious. Trying to grab the warm, cozy and magical atmosphere from the visuals, it also had to prevent frustration while playing. Therefore it should make the player focus and relax at the same time.
I also made the sound design.

Menu Music

The menu music should be a nice introduction to the game, incorporate the main motif of the game and really make the menu be a comfortable place to come back to.

Land of Amara

Flute, clarinet and synth

Ingame Soundtrack

Land of Amara is a VR game at Patreon developed by Pawstamp Studio. It’s about farming, exploration and settling down.

The soundtrack had to sound rural and peaceful, making the players settle down and feel happy with themselves.


A mix of real instruments and synths

Ingame Soundtrack

As players described the game as relaxing and hypnotizing, the soundtrack had to be like that. But it also had to reflect the visual characteristics: stained glas, striking black bars, the eerie fact of infinitely zooming ing. The challenge was to incorporate positive as well as dark elements in the music.

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